I love these About pages!  Why?  Because I change constantly, and who I was when I first started this blog is quite different from the me now.  So, in the spirit of things, I’ll tell you a little about me and who I am now.

What I do is write, paint, facilitate women empowerment groups – oh, I do a lot of things.

What is more important is who I am!  I am a woman who is empowered within herself and placing her heart out there saying, “I know I’m beautiful, but sometimes, I don’t feel it!”  I’m authentic, joyful, bodacious – with no apologies!  I refuse to settle on what “they” say I should be.  I am here – now – and moving in this journey.  If you wanna come with me, then hitch a ride.  But, I warn you – you’re going to need to fasten your seat belts.

Come Dance Naked with me!

Dancing Naked



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